The only truly balanced source of news…

So one of my aims when I started this blog was to try and find a truly balanced source of news. Now this is always tricky, especially as nearly all sources of news have an agenda of some sort. Now, I believe I have found the perfect source! No, it’s not the BBC, the independent, and no, it’s not the Daily Mail. It’s Private Eye.

The genius of Private Eye is it holds all political parties in contempt. It’s agenda is seeing through the spin on both sides, and then pointing out how ridiculous each side of the debate is in the process. You won’t see many publications that can slag off Cameron, with the David Cameron free school / compulsory academy newsletter and the motto of 

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try a u-turn”

On one side of the page, and on the other side have Jeremy Corbyn’s letter page which states 

“The BBC must be pretty scared of John Wittingdale to abandon its time honoured tradition of fair and balanced speculation from decent impartial journalists from the Guardian, and cynically use facts and figures to frame a negative picture of how badly we did!”

It’s satire at its finest, poking fun at all sides, but it also knows when to take news seriously too. The investigative journalist team have been pointing out problems in and outside government before the newspapers can touch it ( usually because the papers are worried they may be sued for printing such information!) and this often means if you heard a big political scandal, the Eye probably heard it first!

So that’s my advice with the news and politics, see through the spin on both sides and it knows when to get a bit more serious. Most importantly, never take yourselves too seriously and have fun with the news, it’s often far sillier than it first seems! 


About me -The importance of understanding your sources

 On this blog I’ll be talking a lot about bias of politicians, newspapers and tv, why they think the way they do and what agenda they’re trying to fulfill. With this in mind, I think it’s only fair I share my biases with you so you can put all my posts in context and work out why you agree/disagree with me.

My history

As a history and politics graduate, it’s had two big effects on how I view the news. 

1. I tend to look at the news and compare it to other events in history as true to form, history tends to repeat itself. From this you can guess how a certain news event is likely to end, but it’s never an exact science.

 2. I believe History helps us work out how we have got to where we are, and if we understand this, we can try and learn what we’ve done wrong and try and avoid it in the future. 

As for my history, I’m a white, lower middle class male, so have all the privalidges that come with that status. I know I’m lucky not to face the barriers others may, because of their skin colour, wealth, or sex, and hope one day everyone can go through life unimpeded.

My politics

I’m a liberal. I believe that that you should be allowed to do most things by the government, as long as it doesn’t make others unhappy. I think you shouldn’t be judged on what you were born into, some people can’t help being poor, others can’t help that they were born rich. We should be judged by our actions when it matters the most.

With money, I’m cautious of debt, but understand it has a part to play in making the world go round. 

I believe being in power is far harder than it looks, and that being in opposition is far easier. Compromise is important to get things done. Entrenched positions only lead to more hate, more frustration and less understanding.

I believe in freedom of speech and civilised debate, opinions are fascinating and it’s important that someone who doesn’t understand speaks up rather than hides away.
However the fact I’m saying all this with no second opinion or balance makes me very hypocritical, so I decided to ask a neutral party, my wife what she thought of me. She said “you’re a tit”, which confirms my last belief… you can’t please everyone.

A moderately concerned voice

So, this is it, I’ve finally cracked. I’ve decided to start a little blog where I can ramble and rant and rant about most things political. I’ve wanted to do it for a long time and I hope I can find the time and the courage to post as often as I can.

My aim here, is to try and analyse the big political stories in as neutral way possible so you have the final say. I believe there’s often no true ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ decisions in politics, It’s usually the case that both sides think they’re right, as long as you look at it from their point of view. I want to break this down, by not just reporting on what politicians say but more importantly saying why they said it. Once you understand the why, you can then work out on what side of the argument you fall and which values are most important to you.

I hope I can do this and stay as unbiased as possible, I’ll try and warn you if my own opinion crops up now and again, and please feel free to point this out to me too! Hope to speak to you all soon.